In Arash Digital, everyone understands that working with plan often time does not give the desirable outcome. With that in mind, all employees in the morning before starting the business day always gather and pray to the God hoping for the best outcome in working.

Arash Digital always encourages its employees to pray in congregation with the other, aiming for every employee's heavenly merit in the hereafter. Because of that in the afternoon during Dhuhr and Asr and in evening during Maghrib before returning home, all employees always go to the nearest mosque and pray in congregation with the other.

Everything surrounding the business of Arash Digital always has relation with payments and money, but everyone also realize that not all people have the fancy opportunity to taste either money or even foods. Realizing that, Arash Digital always doing donations every Friday for unfortunate people in form of either foods or functional utensils like fans, air conditioners, and Computer.