Cross Border Payment is a type of payment transaction that takes place between two countries and involves the usage of an international e-wallet from the user's country of origin through QRIS. Cross border payment is facilitating international tourists, using their international e-wallet such as WeChat Pay and AliPay from China, PayPay from Japan through QRIS. This type of transaction is called Inbound transactions. In the other side, cross border payment is facilitating Indonesians to do payment outside of the country using local bank payment apps. This type of transactions is called Outbound transactions. Outbound transactions service is currently being developed.

Arash Digital provides Cross Border Payment services to Payment Service Provider (Penyedia Jasa Pembayaran/PJP) Banks with a "One Stop Solution", an end-to-end product solution which is required to run Cross Border international e-wallet payment acquiring business.




Management Portal System used by Banks and Merchants

Management Portal System is a web-based management system for Bank and Merchant, with a different set of functions in the field of mobile acquiring business.

General maintenance and system improvement services

Management Portal System is a web-based management system for Bank and Merchant, with a different set of functions in the field of mobile acquiring business.




Transaction Processing Capability



Annual Availability of mobile payment system


Operation System

24 hours in 7 days



All in One

Full coverage of international payment channels. We also provide a solution for merchant that can integrate QRIS.

Financial-level Acquiring System

Our technology has the experience of serving financial institutions, providing financial security for the acquiring system, and securing the transactions with high performance anti-fraud protection features.

Efficient Multi-level Management

The multi-level management includes institutions, key merchants, and merchant. It applies to various businesses, provides financial statements and profit-sharing details for different parties in accordance with their needs.

Overview of Massive Data

Integrated real-time transaction data analysis helps keep track of the status of your transactions and respond to rapid market changes.

Strong Ability to Expand

Aggregating extended functions such as local payment channels, constant upgrades, quick adjustments, and function developments in order to keep up with the rapid changes of the market.

Multiple Payment Methods

Various access methods for mobile phones, POS, PC, Web, WAP, API, and in-app to meet the payment needs of merchants in different scenarios.

More Simple and Clear Operations

Simple operation and easily manage daily merchant transactions.

Verifications for Million of Merchants

Our technology serves more than 30 million merchants worldwide and has a professional user-experience design team in order to provide the best experience.


A type of payment without using cash for mobile payments. Customers do not need to have physical cash to complete a purchase. Payment made easier and simpler.

No Physical Contact

No need for money exchange and physical payments because everything is in digital form and processed by system.