CIMB Niaga Collaboration with Arash Digital for Enhancing International Transactions in Bali's Tourism Sector with Alipay and WeChat Pay

Arash Digital

August 9th, 2023

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The piloting event

CIMB Niaga is strategically collaborating with Arash Digital, a technology provider working with Swiftpass Global Limited, aiming to increase international transactions in Bali's rapidly growing tourism sector. This collaboration aims to facilitate smooth and convenient transactions for Chinese tourists in Bali using Alipay and WeChat Pay, two of China's leading e-wallet payment platforms.

With the exponential growth of Chinese tourism in Bali over recent months, it has become crucial to provide visitors with a seamless payment experience that aligns with their preferences and habits. Recognizing this need, CIMB Niaga has joined forces with Arash Digital to integrate Alipay and WeChat Pay into the existing payment infrastructure across key tourist destinations in Bali.

The collaboration will allow Chinese tourists to transact easily and securely using their preferred mobile payment platforms, Alipay and WeChat Pay. By accepting these popular payment methods, local businesses in Bali's tourism sector, such as hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets, will be able to cater to the needs of Chinese visitors, creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment.

CIMB Niaga with Arash Digital enhance the payment experience for Chinese tourists in Bali. By integrating Alipay and WeChat Pay into our payment ecosystem, we aim to make transactions more convenient and seamless for our customers, while also supporting local businesses in capturing a larger share of the Chinese tourism market.

The piloting event

Arash Digital, known for its expertise in providing innovative technology solutions, will be responsible for the integration of Alipay and WeChat Pay into the payment infrastructure across Bali's tourism hotspots. By leveraging Arash Digital's advanced capabilities, CIMB Niaga aims to offer a comprehensive and secure payment solution for Chinese tourists, further enhancing their overall travel experience in Bali.

In this Collaboration, We are expected to contribute significantly to the growth of Bali's tourism sector and further strengthen the bond between Indonesian and Chinese businesses. It reflects the commitment of both organizations to leverage technology and innovation to meet the evolving needs of the global tourism industry.

We believe that this collaboration will not only benefit Chinese tourists but also drive economic growth in Bali and strengthen ties between Indonesia and China. We are excited about the opportunities it presents for local businesses to connect with the Chinese market.

CIMB Niaga and Arash Digital are confident that the integration of Alipay and WeChat Pay into Bali's tourism sector will provide a seamless payment experience for Chinese tourists, supporting their travel needs and further positioning Bali as a preferred destination for Chinese travelers.

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